How to unlock your Blocks, Unwind the Autoimmune Epidemic
& Re-Ignite YOUR Healthy Body!

Lynn had so many client sessions dealing with Autoimmune symptoms that she had to check in with the energies. She pulled in 10,000 random bodies from around the world to play with and found that 10% actually had been diagnosed with an Autoimmune disorder. However, 90% of the bodies had Autoimmune symptoms!

She created this series as a way of helping those whose body's are attacking their own tissues; disorders such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Interstitial Cystitis, Grave's Disease, Type 1 Diabetes, Leaky Gut Syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis & MUCH MORE!

Questions to ask yourself...

• Are you currently taking medications to reduce the immune system's abnormal response
• Are those medications causing you to have worse side effects than the disease itself?
• Do you feel like you are the effect of your Autoimmune Disease with symptoms such as Chronic Fatigue, Fever, General ill-feelings, Joint Pain and Rash?
• Are you tired of taking supplements to replace a substance that the body lacks, such as thyroid hormone, vitamin b12 or insulin, due to an Autoimmune Disease?
• Are you ready for a NEW lease on life?
What is an Autoimmune Disease
and how does it affect ME?

What is an Autoimmune: When the immune system functions normally, it produces a response to protect the tissues against harmful or foreign pathogens such as bacteria, parasites, and viruses. Autoimmune disorders arise when the immune system misidentifies some of the body's own tissues as the pathogen and attacks the body using the auto-antibodies created by the immune system. Those attacks cause inflammation and the tissue damage that lead to Autoimmune disorders.

How it works: Science says you can genetically be predisposed to an Autoimmune Disease. However, it does not become active unless triggered by an environmental or infections trigger. Lynn will give your body the energetic formulas and upgrade your immune system to recognize where your body is attacking you.

​Process Preview
"Sometimes when we get diagnosed, we hold onto it so tight…"

Lynn will also cover the thoughts, feelings and emotions that are possibly creating your Autoimmune Disease, such as:

• "My Autoimmune disease(s) cannot be healed, or even improved"
• "Your tests are all normal - nothing is wrong with you!"
• "I feel like I have no control over my illness"
• And many more!

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Autoimmune Series Module #1 - Introductions to Autoimmunes

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Every known chronic disease — from Heart Disease to Cancer, Diabetes to Obesity, Autism to Dementia, and even Depression is being linked to Autoimmune Diseases!

The REAL causes of Autoimmune diseases are hidden allergens, infections, environmental toxins, stress & even your thoughts, feelings & emotions. Autoimmune Diseases specifically, now affect 24 million people. Did you know this includes rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, multiple sclerosis, thyroid disease, inflammatory bowel disease? What are Autoimmune Diseases?

Your immune system is your defense against the world. It is your internal safeguard and has to clearly distinguish foreign invaders — to know you from others. Your immune system can get confused and your own tissues get caught in friendly cross-fire. Your body is fighting something — an infection, a toxin, an allergen, a food or the stress response — and somehow it redirects its hostile attack on your joints, your brain, your thyroid, your gut, your skin, or sometimes your whole body.

Targeting "Bad" Blood

The thoughts feelings and emotions around Autoimmune are: Having to control or feeling out of control or What's eating you? Are you worried about these disorders having genetic ties and other family members already diagnosed?

• Targeting specific Autoimmune Blood Disorders
• Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura
• Platelet Destruction
• Different types of Anemia
• Evan’s Syndrome

Respiratory System Reboot

The lungs are part of a complex apparatus, expanding and relaxing thousands of times each day to bring in oxygen and expel carbon dioxide. Energetically targeting the following Autoimmune Respiratory diseases and symptoms:

• Sarcoidosis Disease
• Asthma
• Chronic Cough

Autoimmune Series Module #2 - Skin, Joints, Muscles & Connective Tissue

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Save Your Skin

What does your skin say about you?!

Do you feel "doomed" to Autoimmune disease due to family history & genetics?

Are you tired of having to hide your skin from the world?

Do you automatically assume Autoimmune disease(s) cannot be healed, or even improved?

Energetically target these specific Autoimmune Skin responses:


• Psoriasis
• Psoriatic Arthritis
• Rosacea
• Eczema
• Tinea versicolor
• Alopecia
• Sclerodermal
• Stress reactions caused by the environment and people around us resulting in skin conditions like breakouts, oily skin etc
• Hives and skin rashes
• Weber-Christian Disease
• Vitiligo
• Allergies
• Insect Bites

Muscles, Joints & Connective Tissue

• Osteoarthritis
• Psoriatic Arthritis
• Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)
• Polymyalgia Theumatica causes symptoms of pain and stiffness, typically in the neck, shoulder, arms, or him areas.
• Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease (UCTD)

Autoimmune Series Module #3 - Food Type Allergies, Digestive System & Endocrine System

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Food Type Allergies & Digestive System

What foods are eating away at your healthy immune system?

"But I keep hearing on nutrition summits how no one can digest gluten & it shouldn't be eaten as it damages the gut lining & creates leaky gut..." What if it's possible to energetically change the cells of your body not to be at the effect of Gluten?

What kind of change can YOU & Lynn target in your body and digestive system to create optimal health?

Topics & Diseases covered:

• Crohn's Disease
• Ulcerative Colitis
• Immune Attacks of the GI tract
• Sensitivity of glute, dairy, soy, sugar, alcohol
• Intolerance and cross-reactions to sugar, salt, caffeine, green tea, gluten, dairy, chemicals, white and red wine.
• Fructose intolerance
• Gluten intolerance
• Leaky Gut Syndrome

Diabetes & Your Endocrine System

Diabetes is disease that affects how the body uses glucose, the main, type of sugar in the blood. Glucose comes from the foods we eat and is the major source of energy needed to fuel the body's functions.

Type 1 Diabetes results when the pancreas loses its ability to make the hormone insulin.

We will be targeting cell regrowth in the pancreas to allow the body to start producing insulin again. All you need you is the energetic forumla for health from this series.

Endocrine System & Thyroid Gland

"What the vast majority of hypothyroidism patients need to understand is that they don't have a problem with their thyroid, they have a problem with their immune system attacking the thyroid. This is crucial to understand, because when the immune system is out of control, it's not only the thyroid that will be affected."

Diseases Covered:

• Grave's Disease
• Hypothyroidism
• Hashimoto's
• & many MORE

Autoimmune Series Module #4 - Nervous & Reproductive System, Organs & Lupus

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Nervous & Reproductive System

What thoughts, feelings and emotions are you holding in the cells of your body?

• Multiple Sclerosis related illness has made me "unfit to work"

• Believing nothing can help me after almost 25yrs of doctors telling me my tests look normal, in other words, there's no help for you or you're just imagining you feel horrible.

Nervous System


• Guillian-Barré syndrome

Reproductive System

• Intestinal Cystitis
• Endometriosis


• Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
• Other Acquired Autoimmune Disorders
• Autoimmune Hepatitis
• Primary Biliary Cirrhosis

Autoimmune Series Module #5 - Fighting the Fatigue

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Fighting the Fatigue

Chronic Fatigue, Lymes Disease and Epstein Barr Virus are all very complicated disorders to diagnose and are characterized by extreme fatigue that can't be explained by any underlying medical condition. In this call, Lynn looks at the Immune System as a whole to explore the root causes of these diseases.

Topics Covered in this MP3:

• Upgraded energies from Calls 1-4
• Autoimmunes & Fat Cells
• Autoimmune Antibodies
• Going Back to Originals Pathogens (potentially from childhood)
• TFE’s

Autoimmune Series Module #6 - Autoimmune Updates & The Truth About Epstein Barr Virus

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Autoimmune Updates & The Truth About Epstein Barr Virus:

Lynn has received so many profound, new energies to break the Autoimmune Cycles so she wanted to include them to upgrade you!

Topics covered in this MP3:

→Upgrades For:

  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Allergies
  • Leaky Gut
  • And More

→ Epstein Barr Virus is EVERYWHERE! You may know it as “Mono”.

→ Epstein Barr Virus Activating other Autoimmunes

→ Epstein Barr Virus and Cancer

→ Epstein Barr Virus and Other Diseases

Autoimmune Series Module #7 - Misdiagnosed & Misunderstood Autoimmunes and Their Triggers

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Misdiagnosed and Misunderstood Autoimmunes and Their Triggers

Autoimmunes are so often misdiagnosed, misunderstood or are not diagnosed at all when there are clear symptoms that display the immune systems war on the body. There is no “Autoimmunologist” to specialize in this scattered group of diseases and it can be very difficult to determine the triggers of the reactions. Topics covered in this MP3:

Healing vs  treating symptoms

What are your Autoimmune Triggers (Emotional, Stress, Food, Environmental, Viral, Bacterial, Genes)

→Misdiagnosing Autoimmunes as Mental Disorders such as Bipolar Disorder, Depression and Schizophrenia

→Going back to childhood illnesses and the events that started it all

→Social & Familial responses to you never feeling well

→The Genetics of Autoimmune Disease

→Entities and their effects

"The work you did during our first session cleared out the cervical stenosis scar tissue, which was blocking access to my endometrial cells. I got word today that my GYN did get a sample of my endometrial cells, so I can say I no longer have that condition! Over the past year, three previous attempts of sampling my endometrial cells failed!!"


The results described are not typical and will vary based on a variety of factors

“After the Autoimmune Series, everything works better. I feel lighter and some weight came off!!!” – Nina

The results described are not typical and will vary based on a variety of factors

“ I had a very positive experience.  You suggested on the call not to close our minds when we think the healing message is not for us.  Instead, you said to be open to the idea that some part of your message may be what is needed.  I followed your advise for the first time ever.  (Previously, I had always closed my mind when I thought it did not pertain to me.)  Within minutes, I felt compelled to go to the bathroom.  All of the overgrowth of candida and fungus was released.  I won't get graphic, but I was certain.  Three weeks later, it's still gone.  I had these overgrowths for over 10 years, when nothing seemed to work.  I know that candida & fungus are not thought of as related to autoimmune. “- Marianne

The results described are not typical and will vary based on a variety of factors

With 30yrs of Energy Medicine Experience, Lynn is not only a Medical Intuitive, she has spent time as a Radio Host, Worldwide Speak, Teacher and an Author!

Lynn Waldrop energetically explores a wide range of health topics in her products and interviews. She is a very engaging and captivating speaker who inspires with her life experiences and strong passion for helping others improve their health. She handles complex situations in a simple and easy to understand way.

As Creator of “The Body Channel LLC”, Lynn loves connecting with her Body Channel Community whether it be her vast following on Social Media or on her Live calls featured on

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Upon completion of your purchase you will receive an email with access to your series downloads

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