Fountain of Youth Series

  • The Body Boost on steroids: Face Lift, Neck Lift, Butt Lift, Breast Lift and MORE without the surgery and recovery!
  • Change the systems that actually create the breakdowns in the first place (DNA Degradation, Cellular Reproduction and more)
  • Thicker and Healthier Hair
  • Improved flexibility, reduced joint stiffness, skin & muscle tone elasticity
  • Skin repair starts from the inside out (acne scars, surgery scars, rejuvenated glow, etc)

When you think of Aging, what comes to mind?

Get the energetic support you need -
Lynn Waldrop will help realign your energy
to support thriving 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and beyond!

Module 2 skin

  • Getting wrinkly and gray
  • Walking slowly and easily breaking bones
  • Forgetting things and having more and more "senior moments"
  • Becoming dependent on caretakers

Lynn's clients say they feel immediate
results with things such as:

Here's what people have said about Lynn's help with
aging symptoms

Re: the Fountain of Youth Series - My hearing has improved. Pain and problems with lower back, right hip, leg, knee and foot misalignments have diminished considerably. I feel a huge relief from tension in the muscles around my eyes and more ease regarding other eye issues. I feel truly blessed that I accidentally (ha ha) happened upon your interview with Lynn. This series is a godsend.

Barbara M., Canada

The Fountain of Youth Series

Value Price: $297
Original Value: $1297

No Matter your Age Now -
Anti-Aging Energy can Support you!

  • Look years younger than you are
  • Be more active and vibrant
  • Volunteer, mentor, start a new career
  • Keep up with grandkids, travel, find your soulmate

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  • Clear the THOUGHTS FEELINGS and EMOTIONS that aging is a bad thing

    We already know that we co-create what we see in our physical reality, so if we believe that getting older means feeling bad, forgetting things, and losing vitality, then that is EXACTLY what we will get. We have to break the vicious of cycle of our thoughts become things, Lynn will help you release those beliefs!

  • Clear Past Lives and Ancestry related to painful aging

    Have you ever thought about what experiences with aging your past lives might have to do with your body’s journey? What about your ancestor’s energies? Your familial beliefs like “we die of heart disease”. Let’s clear the energies that interfere with your body doing what it was designed to do.

  • Heal on a cellular metabolic level

    Physical aging starts on a cellular and molecular level. Experience Lynn’s Body Channel expertise as she dives into your cells and clears the accumulated junk and provides the energy your cells are looking for so they can keep doing their think.

  • Learn to talk to your body so you understand what it needs

    When you feel betrayed by your body, that it’s letting you down, your body hears you! Wouldn’t it be nice to have a dialog with your body so that it can tell you what it needs from you for its optimal health? Learn how it wants to be treated so that together you keep on the journey of healthful aging you are on!

The Fountain of Youth Series

Value Price: $297
Original Value: $1297

Here's what energies are in The Fountain Of Youth MP3s!

The key to the effectiveness of this program is not only clearing unwanted energies, but also supplying the healing and building energies our bodies and energetics systems need to continue working without breaking down. This includes the energies of our physical systems, emotions, thoughts, and spirit. We will cover all all of them in this course!

  • Module 1 - Hair & Hearing Upgrade

    Hearing aids, people having to talk louder, missing what is going on – no fun! Thinning/balding, wiry, grey hair is another age giveaway. In this module, Lynn will help clear their aging processes and give them support.

    — Grey Hair
    — Hair Loss
    — Thicker Hair
    — Energetic laser hair removal
    — Hair growth for length
    — Dandruff
    — Bald Spots
    — Balding Reversal/Male Balding Pattern
    — Hearing
    — Auditory pathway
    — Comprehension

  • Module 2 - Skin & Muscle

    Our skin is often the easiest reminder of our age, let’s reverse that! Weakened muscles deprive us of the ability to do many things we love when we were younger, so let’s tone them up!

    — Wrinkles
    — Elasticity of skin
    — Muscle tone/loss causing sagging
    — Cellulite
    — Skin tags
    — Rosacea
    — Acne
    — Softer skin
    — Rejuvenated glow
    — Relieving acne scarring and color
    — Dryness
    — Shaving sensitivity
    — Stretchmarks
    — TFE’s

  • Module 3 - Body Breakdown

    This is the nitty gritty of aging. Where it all starts first. Lynn will dive in the cells, organelles, and DNA/genetics as well our TFEs that this part of our body is beyond our control.

    — Metabolism Slowdown
    — Cellular – reproduction
    — DNA degradation
    — Telomeres
    — Mitochondria – other organelles that break down
    — Brain work: all body processes that start the degradation process/Brain and genetic work
    — TFE’s on aging and how the body breaks down
    — How we are ready to die on time
    — We die of certain things which leads to the breakdown process
    — Ex: “No one has lived past 83 years old in my family and that is genetic so I won’t live over 83.”

  • Module 4 - Osteoporosis & Bone Health

    Strong bones are a foundation of support of not just our body but our independence, we will be working with issues such as:

    — Hip and knee problems
    — Osteoporosis
    — Flexibility
    — Posture
    — Balance
    — Arthritis
    — Aches and pains
    — Joint Stiffness
    — Thoughts Feelings & Emotions about bones

  • Module 5 - Mega Body Lift Call

    Now let’s bring it all together on the outside of the body. Get an energetic face and neck lift, breast, even butt lift! For those of you who have loved Lynn’s Body Boost – this is it pumped up to the max!

    — The Body Channel Neck Lift and Face Lift
    — Breast Lift
    — Tummy Tuck
    — Energetic Liposuction/plumping
    — Thighs and hips lift
    — Butt Lift
    — TFE’s
    — **Body boost on steroids

  • Frequency Facelift

    The Frequency Facelift is Lynn’s most coveted mp3’s to date. Many clients have complained that when they lose weight, their face gets droopy and this is perfect to tackle not only that, but the chin wattle as well.

    It also covers…

    • Neck rolls
    • Sunken cheeks
    • Wrinkles
    • Bags
    • Lines and more!

  • Targeting Trouble Areas

    Are you tired of trying different cellulite creams that don’t work? Or maybe you have been wanting to try the newest laser treatments, but can’t afford it. The Targeting Trouble Areas recording will do all of it, but at a fraction of the cost.

    It addresses…

    • Cellulite
    • Scars
    • Stretchmarks
    • Chemical Peels
    • Energetic Microderm Abrasion and more!

I'm more grateful than I can tell you! I've seen dermatologists and doctors for 2 years without resolution to thinning hair and hair loss. The medical establishment simply doesn't know. I've been listening to your calls and have noticed huge improvements in my skin and detoxing and all areas you covered on those calls. Your work is truly more valuable than years of expensive therapy!!!

- Cara L.

The Fountain of Youth Series

Value Price: $297
Original Value: $1297

Your Body WANTS to feel great as you get older!

Mid February I had my "every three months" appointment with my ophthalmologist.  She has been watching my eye pressure for glaucoma and checking a developing cataract.  After all the tests she announced that the eye pressure was well within range, the cataract was diminishing and that I had read two lines "smaller" on the eye chart than my last visit (and I know the floaters are greatly diminished too).  She told me to schedule for nine months out.  What fantastic feedback for a 72 year old to hear!  I have been listening to the Improve Eyesight recording for two months, about two or three times a week.  I also listen to the Total Body series about once a week, and I am SO pleased with how I see and feel!  Thank you, thank you for all that you do!!!

Carol Upstate NY

I have had bouts of arthritis, it is getting better when I listen to this mp3 often!


I have bought the brain & weight series and listened to the detox mp3's often, these have created many changes in my life and I am very grateful for you all.


The Fountain of Youth Series

Value Price: $297
Original Value: $1297

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