What could change for you to have the most FUN & PLEASURE out of your Relationship?!

Questions to ask yourself...
• Are you ready to be completely vulnerable with yourself and others?!
• Have you been struggling to find the "perfect" relationship?!
• What does LOVE & SEX have to do with The Body?!
• Are you ready to break free from thought that Being a sexual person is bad?!
• Negotiate with you & your body so you co-create something amazing and find the soul that compliments you both!

What judgements do you have that hold
you back from a great sex life?!

• Sex is only to get pregnant -it is a requirement.
• It starts out good then fizzles.
• Sex gets you in trouble!
• I can't trust myself when I open up intimately/sexually.
• It's dangerous to let myself be free and uninhibited.

Process Preview
"You aren’t willing to choose you and your relationship….you let life get in the way…"

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Bringing Sexy Back Series Module #1 - Sex & Relationships

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Sex & Relationships

What are your Thoughts, Feelings & Emotions about Sex & Relationships?

What is keeping YOU from the relationship that you have always dreamed of?

• Clearing Trust - Trust others rather than trusting YOU
• Creating - Healthy Boundaries - Romantic relationships get confusing & scary
• Clearing - I can't have career success AND a great romantic relationship
• Clearing - Finding a Partner - I feel like I won't ever find a partner that cares or desires to build or share a life
• Judgments - What does being in a relationship mean? What are your thoughts, feelings & emotions?

Bringing Sexy Back Series Module #2 - Physical Reproductive Health

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Physical Reproductive Health

You don't have to shy away from SEX! Or feel judged because you are not interested or because you have a strong sex drive!

Lynn works with all types of reproductive issues in the body such as:
• Lack of Sexual Desire
• Vaginal dryness and other symptoms of menopause
• Erectile dysfunction and low sperm count
• Painful sexual intercourse
• Overactive Bladder, and prolapse issues
• UTI's
• Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
• And the TFE's that create them all!

Bringing Sexy Back Series Module #3 - Sex Judgments

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Sex Judgments

What would it take for YOU to be wildly OUT OF CONTROL with your sex life?

• Clearing - Promiscuity & GUILT
• Clearing - Fear of being a sexual person
• Clearing - Judgments about sex positions & quality of sex
• Hormone Check: Libido balance, estrogen, progesterone & testosterone
• Creating - Love & Sex Connections
• Creating a better relationship with YOU

Bringing Sexy Back Series Module #4 - Releasing Relationship Residue

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Releasing Relationship Residue

Are you ready to delete all of the old "relationship programs" and create something NEW and EXCITING?

• Would you like more spontaneous sex & better foreplay?
• Are you searching for the one? (how many "one and only's" have you had?)
• What love programs run your life?
• Do you always find yourself saying I'll have a good sex life when I like my body? This MP3 is designed to allow you to see the beautiful, kind, smart & funny YOU.
• How to let go & HAVE FUN with your sex life!

Bringing Sexy Back Series Module #5 - Reproductive Re-Boot

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It's time to put the pedal to the metal & DRIVE!

• Balancing of male and female energies with each other as individuals and then as a couple
• Physical process for STDs such as HPV, Herpes, Chlamydia, Trichomoniasis & MORE!
• Releasing BAD behaviors in the boudoir!
• Clearing circumcision trauma for men!
• Clearing out the meridians than run along and near to the reproductive systems

Bringing Sexy Back Series Module #6 - Entities Impeding You & Your Relationships

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Are Entities Impeding You & Your Relationships?

• Are Entities Impeding You & Your Relationships?
• Do you have entities that are blocking others from coming in?
• Are there entities that are protecting you from certain relationship and more?

Bringing Sexy Back Series Module #7 - Creating Love & Relationships

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Creating Love & Relationships

• What does it mean to create love?
• Are you ready to create your next relationship?
• Would you like to improve existing relationships with spouses, children, parents, co-workers & friends?

"My husband has been loving my new body!! I may have only dropped one dress size but the shape of my body is come completely different. And I am SO willing to strut my stuff and show off my assets!! Probably the biggest gift that I got out of this class was total confidence in me and my body!!" ~ Billie H. Marietta, GA

The results described are not typical and will vary based on a variety of factors

"You're right it's not about food or exercise. I have been changing my routine, foods and amounts for 8 years and I still gain 1-2 lbs a year. Nothing is working. I started listening to your recordings about a week ago. I am happy to say I have lost 2 lbs. That's the most progress I have ever had. Thank you......" ~ Corinna, USA

The results described are not typical and will vary based on a variety of factors

Package Total: $197.00 USD

"I wanted to share something pretty big for me. I rarely am ever completely naked with my husband when we have sex. I need something to cover certain parts of me [...] So last night, I totally and completely enjoyed sex with my husband and I didn't realize that I didn't cover any part of me. [...] I felt sexy and sensual and hot!! It was amazing!!!! Later on I said to him that I am feeling much more comfortable in my body and he said he couldn't believe that I wasn't shy about revealing myself and that he LOVED IT!!!! He told me that he didn't SEE me the way I Saw myself....at all!!! I'm so happy with this feeling!!" ~ Body BFF Participant, United States

The results described are not typical and will vary based on a variety of factors

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