This series is for ALL AGES! — Students in school and working adults to individuals wanting to shape strong interpersonal skills and create new learning styles.

Lynn will cover mild issues such as organizational skills at the office and overcoming study blocks to balancing a busy schedule.

As well as major issues such as Developmental Delays, Dyslexia, ADD/ADHD and Social Anxiety.

The Skills For Life Series is designed to energetically set you up for success!

Questions to ask yourself...

  • Your Child(ren) could excel & enJOY school?!
  • Going back to school didn't have to be stressful or time consuming?!
  • You could finally get that promotion you have been eyeing?!
  • You could finally be relieved of your fear of public speaking?!
  • YOU or your family members could break free from harmful stereotypes?!
  • You purchase the Skills for Life and it's LIFE CHANGING?!

​Process Preview

Listen to Lynn's Interview with Cindy about The Skills for Life - A Survival Guide Series!

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Skills for Life Module # 1

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Performance ANXIETY - Is Fear of Failure stopping you from performing?

  • Overcome Performance Anxiety on TESTS & EVEN INTERVIEWS!
  • Avoid Physical Symptoms such as Panic Attacks and Rapid Heartbeat
  • Avoid Mental and Behavioral Symptoms such as Negative Thinking, Difficulty Concentrating and Comparing yourself to others

STUDY BLOCKS - How can you tackle the causes of study blocks?

  • Manage your Stress, Anxiety, Self-doubt, etc
  • Giving you and your children the TOOLS to succeed in a Test Taking World.
  • Overcome Passive Procrastination & Writers Block!
  • Clear the TFE’s that surround the barriers you hit when trying to accomplish a task

LEARNING STYLES - Do you feel like you are limited to just one Learning Style?

  • Allow your brain to combine Learning Styles to better your comprehension
  • What if you aren’t limited to just one Learning Style?
  • What if there were MORE ways to absorb knowledge than just by books?
  • Adopt all 3 learning styles & MANY MORE!
    • Visual
    • Auditory
    • Kinesthetic

Do you feel like you constantly lack preparation at school or work?

  • Change your pattern in poor performance/test history
  • Become more prepared for any challenge, test or task that comes your way!
  • Clear the TFE’s around test taking & work reviews!

Skills for Life Module # 2

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8 Million Adults in The United States suffer from ADD/ADHD

Are you looking for another possibility other than medication for ADD/ADHD for your child/ren?

  • Modify the way your child or grandchild’s attention span and impulsiveness affects their daily duties
  • Change the trend in them losing their personal belongings or forgetting academic obligations

Do you feel that you are suffering from undiagnosed ADD/ADHD as an adult?

  • Even if you were never diagnosed with ADD/ADHD as a child, that doesn’t mean you can’t be affected by it as an adult.
  • 60% of Adults have ADD/ADHD!
  • Tackle the symptoms of ADD/ADHD that are holding you back in your career and relationships

Do you have trouble focusing on any task at hand – both small and large?

  • Change the way you follow instructions at work or school
  • Become more attentive to surroundings

Do you want to improve your long term and short term memory?

  • Boost your neurotransmitters and build new neural pathways for better memory recall
  • Recollect information more easily!

Do you struggle with Time Management?

  • Stay ahead on school assignments, studying, projects at work, paying bills, and more
  • Don’t let procrastination get the best of you any longer
  • Become more comfortable with coordinating and balancing school/work, family, extracurricular activities, social life, relationships and more
  • Relieve the TFE’s that surround being too busy or not having enough time to complete everything in time

Do you lack organization?

  • Find and efficient and orderly approach to tasks and executive functions
  • Optimize orderliness and planning
  • Visualize a system or assembly before taking on any task such as planning a gathering, studying for a test or cleaning a room

Skills for Life Module # 3

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SPEECH - Releasing your fears around Public Speaking!

Is your speech impediment holding you back?

  • Transform the way you articulate and express words
  • Stimulate sounds easily
  • Overcome defects such as a lisp, stuttering, muteness, Apraxia and more

Do you have a fear of Public Speaking?

  • Communicate confidently to crowds of any size
  • No longer feel embarrassment when speaking in front of peers
  • Clear the nerves and judgements around speaking up
  • Release the TFE’s that encircle speaking out loud when anxiety is present

DEVELOPMENTAL & COGNITIVE - Have you or a loved one struggled with overcoming developmental delays?

Have you or a loved one struggled with overcoming developmental delays?

  • Keep your baby or child on track for reaching developmental milestones
  • Develop a sharper mind

Are you experiencing physical delays?

  • Overcome interruptions in motor skill development
  • Develop confidence with your body

Is a learning disorder keeping you or a loved one from being successful?

  • Surpass complications from Dyslexia and APD (Auditory Processing Disorder)
  • Clear the TFE’s that surround not being “normal” or like the others


Does Stress have a negative effect on you in the workplace?

  • Clear the stressors that are keeping you from being successful
  • Achieve maximum sleep and beat insomnia and other physical effects of stress

Is your student going through puberty?

  • Compress emotions while outward appearance is changing
  • Relieve the TFE’s of the “awkward middle school or high school stages”

Skills for Life Module # 4

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BEHAVIOR - Physical & Emotional

Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with a behavior disorder?

  • No longer let Anxiety and Depression rule your life
  • Release the judgements and inconveniences of OCD

Is your behavior or the behavior of a loved one causing stress or conflict within the family by physically acting out?

  • Clear everything from temper tantrums in toddlers to drama queens in high school
  • Clear the TFE’s surrounding acting out due to lack of attention

Are you the victim of bullying in social settings?

  • Clear the TFE’s surrounding bullying & stereotypes (in the workplace and school)

SOCIAL ANXIETY - Do you struggle with confidence in social settings?

Are you afraid of “messing up” in front of others?Do you have intense nervousness from being watched, criticized or judged by others? Are you overwhelmed by unreasonable fear? Do you fear situations before they even happen?

  • Relieve the crippling thought of Writing/working in front of others
  • Release the anxiety of being the center of attention
  • Clear the negative feelings around eating and drinking in front of others
  • Find ease in interacting with people, dating or going to parties and gatherings

Skills for Life Module # 5

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What would it take to boost your interpersonal and skills?

  • Develop strong interpersonal skills that will lead to a more successful life personally and professionally
  • Become more comfortable and confident in an interview setting
  • Be known as optimistic, calm, confident, and charismatic
  • Create an extensive library of quality content in your mind for conversations with ANYONE!
  • Interact better with others both individually and in groups
  • Be more aware of how you interact with others
  • Clear the TFE’s surrounding communicating with yourself and others.

What Social Skills will set me up for success?

  • Good verbal communication: What we say and how we say it
  • Non-verbal communication: body language and reading in between the lines
  • Good listening skills: how we interpret verbal and nonverbal messages
  • being a great negotiator : working with others to find a mutually agreeable outcome
  • Working with others to define and solve problems
  • Ease in Decision Making
  • Assertiveness

“Lynn,  I am the one releasing “dementia”  in a private reading you said cause was from micro seizures, and I hadn’t told you I had been diagnosed with “absent” seizures which could be described as micro seizures.  I had 2 more reading from you and listened to them over and over,  I actually I am cured from these,  or at least greatly reduced,   will have you dive in and see at next private session.   I had lost 4 jobs from cognitive problems,   have one now that my boss is hanging one with me, they are trying me out at a different, lower level job,   all savings gone, am 56, so this is huge for your work to help me,  really huge” thank you for your time Love and blessing back at you,  Can’t express how grateful I am for your gift and you putting yourself out to the world” 

~ Carol Roberts

The results described are not typical and will vary based on a variety of factors

After a memory call with Lynn I was already feeling more clarity in decision making at work and at home. I feel like I am able to focus better on every task that I have on my plate. I am left in awe! Lynn is simply amazing!!

–Diane W.

The results described are not typical and will vary based on a variety of factors

“I have bought the majority of Lynn’s MP3 and love them, they are so easy to listen to while I’m busy at home, I’m not a fan of meditation because I find it hard to keep still for long periods. I feel the energy from them and they have improved the health issues I have. I would highly recommend Lynn’s work.”

~ Lynne F

The results described are not typical and will vary based on a variety of factors

“I am noticing many positive changes and am becoming more in love with my body than I have ever been.  I am really talking to my body, and it feels so great.  I am much more grounded.  My mood and energy levels are much improved.  I am also operating more from my heart and less from my head.   I am feeling much more empowered and healthy.  I have released a lot of stuck grief and suppressed childhood hurts (unhealed suppressed stuff).” ~ Lori

The results described are not typical and will vary based on a variety of factors

With 30yrs of Energy Medicine Experience, Lynn is not only a Medical Intuitive, she has spent time as a Radio Host, Worldwide Speak, Teacher and an Author!

Lynn Waldrop energetically explores a wide range of health topics in her products and interviews. She is a very engaging and captivating speaker who inspires with her life experiences and strong passion for helping others improve their health. She handles complex situations in a simple and easy to understand way.

As Creator of “The Body Channel LLC”, Lynn loves connecting with her Body Channel Community whether it be her vast following on Social Media or on her Live calls featured on

Package Total: $197.00 USD
Upon completion of your purchase you will receive an email with access to your series downloads

I came to Lynn with high hopes that I could get to the bottom of what was keeping me awake at night. I was told by doctors that I suffered from Insomnia and was given several prescriptions that never helped for more than a few weeks at a time. Ever since working with Lynn, I have been sleeping like a baby! I am beyond grateful that I found Lynn and her wonderful gift!

– Patricia H, New Zealand

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